As a freelance web designer I wanted to set up my own business, but I wanted to spend my time delivering websites for clients and not faff about trying to appease HMRC and their many confusing forms and procedures. Woodland Accounting took care of everything from registering the business, setting up bank accounts, record keeping and ensuring I was operating tax efficiently. I was able to spend my time doing what I do best, running my business! I am confident I am in expert hands and am always pleasantly surprised by my tax bills.

Jonathan A

Woodland Accounting has been my reliable and professional point of call with regards to all of my finances, accounts and Tax Returns for the last few years. I have two jobs making life pretty complicated with filing my Tax Returns and dealing with the HMRC…..or so I thought! Woodland Accounting has been superb, patient and 100% committed with quick responses to any questions or issues. His professionalism is second to none and he does well above and beyond what you would expect.

Adam Wise. Wise Workouts

Woodland Accounting have assisted me with more than just filing my tax return. Woodland Accounting are always on hand to offer valuable tax and busines advice for both me personally and my business. This really makes a difference to a small but growing business!

Ross T

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